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Feynman Technique: An Interestingly Effective Way To Learn For Exam


Do you have trouble swallowing chapters in detail? Are you someone who easily forgets the topic after hours of painful learning? If you’re someone struggling with learning and feeling dispirited, you need to actively engage your brain by employing Feynman Technique, a self-learning technique that can interestingly help you enhance your knowledge through simplified teaching.

What is Feynman Technique ?

Feynman technique is an art of learning crafted by the well-known physicist Richard Feynman. This learning technique consists of four simple steps that encourage the learners to dive deeply into a concept for a complete and simplified understanding. As a result, the self-learning technique can dampen the chances of forgetfulness and enhance your knowledge. Here’s the list of four steps you need to immediately try.

Step 1 – Study

First step is to choose a topic instead of selecting the whole chapter to avoid getting bored and burdened. Take a piece of paper, and write the topic you want to dive in. This makes your learning easier and simpler. By specifically focusing on one topic at a time, you will know the topic backward and forwards.

Step 2 – Teach it to a Child

This is the most important step in the Feynman technique. Pretend like you’re teaching the topic to a child who has no idea about anything you’ve learned. Make it as simple as ABC by presenting without jargons, breaking complexities into chunks of easily catchable information. This step helps us understand our own understanding of the topic, thus helping us understand the gap in our knowledge.

Step 3 – Identify Knowledge Gap

Now you know what you missed! We have to identify the gaps in our knowledge and learn more about it. Feynman technique encourages repetitive learning of a topic to enhance our knowledge. By directing the focus on the area we struggled to explain, and by revisiting the topic multiple times, we can lessen the chances of forgetfulness.

Step 4 – Simplify

The last step is all about simplifying the content using simple vocabularies. Rewrite everything you’ve learnt in a crystal clear language. This helps one examine their understanding of the subject. Are you able to completely simplify without facing the barricades of complexities? If yes, you’ve done it.

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