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Car Hacks: 4 Practical Yet Essential Tips To Maintain Your Car’s Cleanliness!


Maintaining an immaculate vehicle may be quite difficult for anyone leading a hectic lifestyle, and this is especially apparent if you have children. Luckily, keeping the car clean is easier than you might think if you prepare ahead of time.

Many car owners focus more on repairing the outside of their automobiles than the interior, investing a greater amount of time, money, and effort in the latter. They fail to notice that a cluttered interior is a dangerous home for several deadly pathogenic microorganisms and is unappealing. Our four tips to keep your car clean will benefit both your car and your health.

  1. Buy a reusable trash bag for your automobile

You’ll undoubtedly need to remember to take out the garbage every time or be too preoccupied, which is why having a disposable trash bag in your vehicle is so helpful. You can purchase an easily attachable washable sack to the center console or rear seat or make one from scratch.

  1. Before stepping inside the car, dust off your sneakers

Pristine footwear will keep the internal parts of the vehicle spotless for longer. To remove excess sand lodged in the exterior soles of your footwear, lean sideways on the seat with your legs outside and tap your footwear repeatedly. This should be done more on particularly sandy days, like while visiting the beach.

  1. Buy a handheld vacuum for sudden messes

A handheld vacuum machine may be a great addition to your automobile, whether you want to get a battery-operated one or connect it to the AC adaptor. When you discover yourself walking in mud or dropping an accidental mound of crumbs behind the passenger seat, pull it out of the hatchback and keep it there.

  1. Instead of using freshening agents, employ odor eliminators

Air fresheners cannot solve the offensive smells in your automobile. Conversely, they could combine with already-existing smells to make the situation worse. To purify the air, use an odor remover spray rather than these perfumed solutions. Spritz as often as necessary to achieve the desired “pure air smell.” After that, you may create a DIY air freshener for your car and put it inside. It is a superior substitute for the overpowering, artificial scent of inexpensive air purification products. 

A competent detailer can make your car look flawless regardless of whether you maintain it quite tidy. At least once a year, give your automobile an all-encompassing detailing to protect both the inside and exterior.

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