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4 Best Luxurious Theatres In The World (Which You Can’t Skip)!


Who doesn’t like snuggling up on a cushy seat of an ostentatiously classy theatre with every nook and cranny donned to artistically enthral you? From Raj Mandir to Walt Disney Concert Hall, there are some cinemas, concert halls and opera houses swathed in sumptuously stunning aesthetics from Art Deco style to Neo Classical to Contemporary style. Some of these have been here for a long time while others have sprouted in recent decades. So here’s the list of luxurious theatres that will widen your eyes in admiration.

Raj Mandir, Jaipur, India

Raj Mandir, built in 1976, is the most luxurious and awe-striking cinema theatre with the blend of classy and modern touch. Inside the theatre, ceilings are donned with dangling chandelier, floor carpeted with wooden tiles and the air is filled with floral fragrance spilled by the air conditioning. This sprawling theatre can lavishly seat around 1300 people. If you’re a movie buff with an eye for artistic beauty, you can watch Bollywood while enduring the royal beauty of this place.

Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona, Spain

If you’re a music enthusiast, this music palace will enthral you with its ethereal beauty. This concert hall, built back in 1908, is donned in modernista style by Lluís Domènech i Montaner. There’s an incredible blend of different architectural styles like Moorish and Gothic with sculptures and glass art. The facade of this building is donned with floral mosaic pillars. Sculptures of Beethovan and Anselm Clavè are adorned on the right and left of the mystical stage.

Opera Garnier, Paris

Opera Garnier also known as Palais Garnier is such a dazzling architectural beauty that entertains one with dance and operas. This breathtaking world of Opera is adorned with magnificent sculptures, paintings, dangling chandelier ornamented in bronze and crystal. If you’ve heard of the popular novel Phantom of Opera by Gaston Leroux, you would be pleased to know that this magnificent architectural beauty is the setting of the novel.

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Are you a diehard fan of Disney and orchestra? If yes, you will undoubtedly be thrilled by this spellbinding concert. This wonder, crafted by the well known architect Frank Gehry, presents the world’s best euphonious orchestral pieces, including classical and contemporary. The concert hall stands out for its striking steel structure that shines when embraced by the light. The sprawling vineyard style seating can be comfortably filled with around 2,265 people.

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