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Beyond the Backstreets: Indian Women Travel Bloggers Reshaping Travel Narratives


In the realm of travel blogging, a captivating revolution is underway, led by a formidable cohort of Indian women who have transformed the landscape with their narratives of exploration, resilience, and cultural immersion. From the bustling streets of Delhi to the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, these trailblazing women are not just documenting their journeys but are rewriting the narrative of what it means to be a traveller. Their blogs and social media platforms serve as windows to the world, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of global adventures seen through a distinctly Indian lens. As they crisscross continents, these women travel bloggers are dismantling stereotypes and challenging societal norms, inspiring a new generation of adventurers with each click and caption.

In this exploration of Indian women travel bloggers, we embark on a virtual expedition, celebrating the stories of resilience, wanderlust, and empowerment that define the journeys of these extraordinary women who have carved a niche in the vast world of travel blogging.



Kritika Goel is a full-time YouTuber and Instagrammer, travelling the world and documenting her adventures for her online community of over 850,000 travel enthusiasts. Seven years ago, Kritika embarked on an audacious journey, bidding farewell to the confines of a corporate career to pursue her passion for travel and content creation. Today, she’s living her dream life, getting paid to travel around the world, and inspiring her audience with her escapades.

A solo wanderer at heart, Kritika has journeyed through 28 countries in the last two years alone and hopes to someday travel the whole world. Through her lens, she wants to inspire others to live their lives to the fullest and to step outside their comfort zones to experience the beauty of this world, and to make content that helps others live vicariously through her. She loves adding adventure to her travels whether it’s jumping off a plane or going into the depths of the ocean. She is a certified scuba diver and is an ambassador for PADI, GoPro, and Canon representing India on a global scale.



Anuradha Goyal is the founder of IndiTales, a leading bi-lingual travel media portal where she documents her global travels in words, audio, and video formats with a focus on ancient India. She is also the author of numerous books including How to Read Indian Scriptures (2023), Devi Temples of India (2023), Lotus in The Stone – Sacred Geography In Eternal India (2020), Unusual Temples of India (2020), Cave Temples – From Pre-Historic to Modern Times (2021), Bharat Ke Anokhe Mandir (2020), and The Mouse Charmers – Digital Pioneers of India (2014). She is a translator, co-editor, and conference curator who studies the intersection of her three prime interests – Business Innovation, travel, and Indic Knowledge.



Archana Singh, a seasoned travel writer and content creator with over 15 years of MarCom experience, boldly transitioned from her senior role at Coca-Cola in Southeast Asia to pursue her passion for uncovering untold stories from offbeat destinations. Specializing in crafting compelling content for print and multimedia platforms, Archana focuses on critical issues such as climate change, responsible tourism, women’s empowerment, and social inclusion.

Recognized as a Forbes Digital StarS 2023 and recipient of awards from Outlook Traveller, TravMedia UK, Gujarat Tourism, and the Impact Digital Influencer Awards, Archana is a five-time TEDx speaker and a sought-after presence at esteemed global conferences. Sharing captivating experiences on her website,, Archana contributes as a freelance writer to respected news outlets in Asia, Europe, and the US. Having explored over 75 countries, she has forged strong partnerships with destinations worldwide and contributed to publications such as BBC, National Geographic, Lonely Planet, and Travel & Leisure. Archana has collaborated with over 150 brands spanning different categories, including tourism boards, travel companies, airlines, hotels, lifestyle brands, and automobiles. Her impactful work aims to inspire positive change globally.

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