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Sleepy Girl Mocktail: The Trending Tart Cherry Juice To Easily Fall in Slumberland


Sleeping can be extremely difficult if you’re being haunted by stress and other mental health issues. Again the deprivation of sleep can further exacerbate your condition by instilling mood swings to cognitive challenges that can gradually fuel dementia. Sleeping deficiency is a major issue, from “Cognitive Shuffling” to “Sleepy Girl Mocktail”, people continue to propel one trend after another to help each other with a good night’s sleep.

Sleepy Girl Mocktail

Sleepy Girl Mocktail is a trending drink to easily fall in slumberland. The eras of “Lettuce Water” and “Pineapple Sleep Hack” have declined with the popularisation of “Sleepy Girl Mocktail”. The melatonin present in this mocktail helps you fall asleep faster. This concoction, just like other TikTok-fueled hacks, has garnered positive as well as negative reactions.

Origin of Sleepy Girl Mocktail 

This tart cherry juice was originally posted by a TikTok user named Calee Shea back in January 2023, but Calee Shea’s beverage lacked magnesium. The drink was later propelled to popularisation by Gracie Norton, who she was seen preparing the concoction by adding magnesium powder. This viral trend has garnered over 58.7 million views, intriguingly outshining as a powerful elixir that opens the door to slumberland. 

How To Make Sleepy Girl Mocktail 

Take a glass and pour half a cup of pure tart cherry juice. Add a tablespoon of magnesium powder and stir well until it’s evenly distributed. Top it with either sparkling water or prebiotic soda. Before taking a sip, don’t forget to sprinkle some ice cubes. Now you can swallow to see the magic!

Things to Know Before Trying The Sleepy Girl Mocktail 

One should be careful while choosing the magnesium powder. Magnesium power with the presence of citrate can seriously tire you, from diarrhea to bloating to gassiness, the side effects can be excruciatingly dangerous. While another user named Sierra Cooley has felt anxious due to being exposed to extremely vivid dreams.

People who are suffering from chronic illnesses should either completely stay away or ask doctors to make sure that this won’t exacerbate the issue. Though this mocktail is not completely healthy, it’s still a better alternative to other cocktails and alcoholic consumptions. Choosing magnesium powder containing glycinate and sipping this concoction along with foods like cheese and almonds can help you fall asleep faster without having such side effects. 

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