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Must-Visit Museums in India For Culture And History Enthusiasts 


India, the land of cultural diversity, is brimming with a plethora of architectural beauties that treasure the magnificent past. From museums that display ancient paintings and murals to museums that chronicle artifacts like costumes and weapons, India stores an astronomical amount of historic marks that are worth exploring for culture enthusiasts. If you’re excited to dig in, here’s a list of museums that will take you down memory lane. 

Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad 

Salar Jung Museum nestled against the bank of the Musi River is a breathtaking treasury bathed in the glory of art and culture. This museum is known for being the third largest national museum of India, impressively displaying priceless antiques from different civilizations.  Recently, Salar Jung has engraved its name in history as “the first digital national museum of epigraphy.”

Entry Fee: Rs.200/person

Don Bosco Centre, Shillong

Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures is a museum that houses archaeological artifacts like costumes, ornaments, musical instruments, weapons, and other priceless items that once belonged to the Indigenous tribes of Northeast India. The top storey of this magnificent seven-story museum presents a rare traditional folk dance to entertain visitors.  Apart from the mesmerizing gallery, the centre also releases publications as well as runs a gigantic library with around 110,475 books useful for history buffs. 

Entry Fee: Rs.15/person

Bagore Ki Haveli, Udaipur

Alongside the peaceful lake Pichola, there stands this graciously sprawling Palace. The museum is brimming with over a hundred elaborately decorated rooms. The walls are ornamented with breathtaking murals and paintings that belonged to the Mewar period. The most spectacular spot is the queen’s chamber, where two peacocks crafted out of glasses and mirrors garner the utmost attention. Apart from these displays, every evening Dharohar dance is performed to showcase the folk tradition of Rajasthan.

Entry Fee: Rs.100/person

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Victoria Memorial, the magnificent monument carved out of marbles, is a mesmerising place for history enthusiasts to explore the colonial history of India under British rule. The museum was built to honor the queen Victoria, the empress of British India. This architectural beauty is a blend of Mughal and British along with Deccani, Persian and Islamic elements. The edifice built against the emerald green lawns, housing 25 galleries with over 28, 000 artifacts, was inspired by the ever-magnificent Taj Mahal.

Entry Fee: Rs.20/person

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