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Idli Sambar to Hyderabadi Biryani: South Indian Food To Satisfy Your Cravings!


South Indian cuisines are the most flavourful cuisines covered with zesty spices, incredibly marked by the use of ingredients like coconut oil, curry leaves, chillies, black pepper, asafoetida and mustard. The scrumptious cuisines of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Telangana- combinedly make South Indian Food. The moreish culinary diversity of South India is moulded by culture, region and religion. Here’s the list of some ficker-licking flavoursome cuisines to taste in South India.

Idli Sambar 

Idlis are healthy and fluffy, served mostly with tangy coconut chutney and soupy, spicy Sambar. This South Indian food is not only scrumptious but also comes with a heap of health benefits. As a breakfast, Idli Sambar is an incredibly filling food. This puffy rice cake is the beloved breakfast of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. Kedli in Indonesia is slightly similar to the idlis of South Indians.

Masala Dosa

Masala dosa is a crispy, mouth-watering dosa stuffed with spicy potato masala. It’s often served with hot coconut chutney and spicy sambar. The flavourful fillings inside the dosa as well as the curries are different from one place to the other. Some dosas are thick while other dosas are brown and crispy. Masala dosa is another healthy, yummy breakfast to fill your hungry belly to the brim.  

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi biryani has made Hyderabad “the biryani capital of India”. It’s the amalgamation of Mughal and Hyderabad cuisines. This popular biriyani was introduced by Mughals during their invasion of Hyderabad. This cuisine stands out for its unique style of cooking where the meat is marinated in yogurt and spices, and later cooked with the basmati rice over low heat. Allowing the rice to absorb all the flavours and spices, making it the most mouth-watering biryani to have for lunch.

Puttu and Kadala Curry

Puttu soaked in kadala curry, the beloved breakfast of Malayalis, is another delicious South Indian food to satisfy your taste buds. Puttu is slightly sweet while the kadala curry is spicy, balancing the flavor with a heavenly blend. This food is not only delicious but also nutritious, mostly consumed as a breakfast staple by laborers and farmers. Putu is made in a cylindrical container by layering rice flour with grated coconut. 

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