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Love Folkore-Based Movies? Top 4 Indian Movies that You Can Watch on OTTs! 


The present pattern in film is the rise of globalization as Indian movie buffs tend to become more and more interested in desi pictures. The attractiveness of witnessing cultural differences portrayed on television in a manner that appears to depict the same feelings in an increasingly vibrant manner is another aspect of the attraction of Indian cinema. 

The folklore-based film Kantara is regarded as one of 2022’s significant films. Therefore, if Kantara’s adoption of folklore inspired you, consider these 4 Indian-tale and folklore-based movies available on streaming platforms.

  1. Tumbbad (2018)

Tumbbad is ranked among the top 10 scary movies on IMDb and is regarded as the benchmark for Indian supernatural movies. It is a singular production that seemed to emerge from nowhere and remains unmatched by anything else in the Indian film industry. 

This film tells a tale about avarice using a made-up origin mythology that is terrible and alluring. Tumbbad, a film tinged with unmistakable existential dread, centers on an extended household that ascends to wealth by using its understanding of a mythical genesis tale.

  1. Bulbbul (2020)

Drawing on the north Indian customs of chudail (Satanic women), Bulbbul tells the story of an enigmatic woman ruling a village in imperial Bengal in the 1880s. Satya, Bulbbul’s childhood companion, shows up to investigate the supernatural enigma as the men in her neighborhood are found murdered. 

Bulbbul is one of the leading movies that Anvita Dutt wrote and directed. It stars Tripti Dimri in the lead role, while other actors who acted in this film are Avinash Tiwary, Paoli Dam, Rahul Bose, and Parambrata Chattopadhyay.

  1. Pari (2018)

Pari’s film endeavors to fuse Hollywood-style horror elements with Eastern legend commendably. Starring as a woman of questionable origin who seems poised for a sinister fate and is pursued by Islamic devils and cultists is Anushka Sharma. Although there are still some issues with the film’s execution, Pari’s complex concept and impressive visual effects have won viewers’ appreciation for offering an entirely novel type of story to Indian cinema.

  1. Kothanodi (2015)

This movie in Assamese, Four episodes from the well-known folktale compilation Burhi Aair Sadhu, is adapted in Kothanodi. The four tales in the film, which center on strange happenings in nearby towns and their effects on the people concerned, are, to put it bluntly, frightening. 

Particularly in the past several years, Indian filmmakers have come up with several notable folk horror flicks. You may consider watching one or all of them on Netflix and other streaming sites. 

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