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5 Fascinating Things to Know About Vande Bharat Express – India’s Wonder Train! 


Vande Bharat Express has recently created significant chaos in India. Its intriguing appearance, fantastic amenities, and smooth journey experience have been a real deal for the Indian Railways, which has excited people since its inauguration. 

Being a captivating train that runs officially on different routes in India, Vande Bharat is an emblem for the nation as we embark on a remarkable journey, which is solely “Made in India.” On 3rd October 2019, Vande Bharat was flagged off from Delhi to Katra under the supervision of Home Minister Amit Shah. If you’re willing to set foot on this marvelous train, know these 5 fascinating things about Vande Bharat.

  1. AC Coaches and Fully automatic doors 

This train has 16 entirely air-conditioned car seats with two different seating arrangements, including executive and economy class. One of the most subtle features is that the chairs of the executive class have revolving chairs, which can be turned 180 degrees. Another significant facility in this train is the automatic doors with sliding footsteps.

  1. Bio-Vaccum Toilets

Bio-vacuum toilets have been established to resolve the sanitation issues in the Indian Railways for people’s ease of use. It offers zero discharge, which can be seen in the flights. Moreover, you will also get the amenity of touch-free bathroom fittings, which let users experience sanitation without any hassles. 

  1. Onboard Wi-Fi

This wonder train of India provides Wi-Fi onboard for passenger entertainment. This train possesses an onboard infotainment system, which is Wi-Fi-connected. You can use free Wi-Fi onboard service for your smartphone, laptop, and tablet. 

  1. The Train is Eco-Friendly

As Vande Bharat focuses on sustainability, it’s made to be eco-friendly. The train features regenerative braking systems that efficiently transform kinetic energy into electric power. It’s a cutting-edge technology that minimizes overall energy consumption. Hence, this eco-friendly endeavor lines up with global fads to develop more sustainable transportation options. 

  1. Food Facility inside the Train

This semi-high-speed train serves the best food that is added to the ticket price. If you’re traveling from Howrah to New Jalpaiguri Station, you will be served breakfast and lunch. After traveling from NJP to Howrah, you will receive evening snacks and dinner onboard the train.   

Despite these top 5 features that Vande Bharat provides its passengers, it has several other amenities, including modular racks in every coach for the luggage, a pantry, sockets under the seats to keep your devices charged, and more. Happy traveling! 

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