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Muscle Up, Bulk Up? The Myth of “Bulky” Women


Ever heard of the myth that lifting weights makes women bulky? That misconception has been proven multiple times to be false, yet it continues to spread. We’re here to tell you that all those people are wrong! Not even a man can become the next ‘Great Khali’ by touching a 1-kilo dumbbell.

Lifting weights isn’t exclusively to bulk you up; it takes more than a bench. Its purpose is to boost your strength and confidence and, last but not least, improve your physical and mental health. Let’s talk about the benefits of lifting weights you should focus on instead:

Building muscle: a marathon, not a sprint

The good news (for some, bad for others) is that building significant muscle is a slow and dedicated journey. It takes years of consistent training, not a few dumbbell sessions, to achieve the sculpted physiques often associated with “bulking up.” Most people don’t put in the necessary effort to reach those extremes.

Calories: fueling the fire, not the bulk

Muscle growth requires a calorie surplus. You can’t build something from nothing! Many women unintentionally sabotage their muscle-building potential by not consuming enough calories, especially protein, to support growth. 

Lifting smart: challenging the muscle, not the myth

Muscles adapt to stress. To see growth, you need to challenge yourself progressively. Lifting light weights with high reps won’t trigger significant muscle building. Aim for a rep range of 8-15 while pushing yourself to fatigue. Remember, challenging your muscles is key, not replicating the same routine forever.

Forget the bulk. Embrace the benefits

As we said, weights are only one of the tools to bulk you up, but by themself, they’re a gateway to numerous benefits:

  • Improving bone density: It not only makes your bones durable in the long run but also reduces the risk of osteoporosis
  • Weight control: Loss or gain depends on what you go for and what you do.
  • Body composition boost: increasing lean muscle and decreasing fat mass.
  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases.
  • Boosted mental health.
  • Enhanced flexibility and mobility.
  • Lastly, a surge of confidence in yourself.

What’s the holdup now? No one’s stopping you, and we’ve squashed the infamous myth for you. Grab your bags, hit the gym and lift until your arms tire. Toast to a healthier future!

Disclaimer: This stuff is only general, and you may be different from others. It shouldn’t replace professional medical advice, so go to a real doctor and ask for their advice first!

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