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Introducing ‘Bhashini’ – Digital India’s First Language Translation Application 


 The distinctive cultural diversity of India has always been evident, and the country’s linguistic diversity is no exception. Our nation is home to a variety of languages. But when it comes to communications, we all may face some barriers due to this diversity. The Digital India Bhashini Division(DIBD), a part of the Digital India Corporation, created ‘Bhashini’ as a linguistic tool to facilitate the easy communication of Indian languages.   

Our hon. Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi introduced the official app of Bhashini at Kashi Tamil Sangamam, which was held in Varanasi in December 2013. 

India’s AI-powered Linguistic Platform

Bhashini is an AI-powered language-translation tool that has been exceptionally curated to translate all Indian languages into the user’s mother tongue. At the 2022 Digital India Week, which was held in Gujarat, the prime minister unveiled a new initiative named “Digital India Bhashini” to ensure that all Indian languages have easy access to the internet and digital services. 

 It is fantastic to use digital services and the internet in one’s native language. The AI-based language translation application,’ Bhashini’, is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. With the help of this program, we can break down language barriers and build a community of digital contributors.

Bhasha Daan – A Great Way To Contribute And Be Part Of Our Development Chain

Bhashini presents ‘Bhasha daan’, an initiative that allows everyone to contribute to this mission and become a part of it. They welcome individual contributors who can contribute anonymously to enrich the database and support this AI model training. Transcription, voice recording, translation, and image labelling are the possible contributions. 

  • Suno India – Through this, you can contribute authentic transcriptions and texts by typing.
  • Bolo India – Contribute your voice or other’s voices in the form of genuine content. 
  • Likho India – Translate provided text or contribute to translating texts by others. 
  • Dekho India – Validate or type the texts seen on images. Which means translating the image labels into other regional languages. 

How Can You Benefit From This?

Aside from these, Bhashini’s primary goal is to provide a user-friendly and technologically advanced platform that allows students to learn in their own languages. The Bhashini app is a great tool that can enhance the distribution of digital content, and it also helps you learn other languages. Consequently, it inspires startup companies to create innovative applications using the resources. 

So far, many people have benefited from it. A user can use the Bhashini app for four purposes. This facilitates communication by giving users a forum to engage with individuals who are not fluent in their native language. It also allows users to convert voice to text and translate any Indian language to their mother tongue. The ability to create a voiceover from text is another helpful feature.  

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