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More Than Just Kisses: 3 Movies That Explore Love, Dreams & Life Lessons


We have lovely narratives from the cinematic world that can evoke profound emotions of love, connection, and intimacy that are timeless to the human mind. These films captivate the audience through iconic love stories, charming narrations, music, and memorable moments that give us ultimate lessons about love and life. That is why they always stay at the top of must-watch movie lists. We have chosen some of the most epic movies from the list for you to watch.

Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind 

The film ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry, is about human connection, memory, and love. The story revolves around two youngsters, Joel and Clementine, whose love relationship became curdled when Clementine underwent surgery, which removed all memories of Joel from her mind. Then, the story takes interesting turns and takes the viewers on an emotional roller coaster, leading to a profound exploration of the nature of love and the human mind. The cinematography and effects create a surreal atmosphere throughout the movie. The stellar performances showcased by the actors and the profound theme make this movie a timeless masterpiece for all ages. 

The Notebook

Nick Cassavetes directed ‘The Notebook’ and the inspiration for this classic love story is a novel written by Nicholas Charles Sparks. 

This 2004 movie quickly reached the top of the classic films released in the romance and relationships genre. An elderly person reads a romantic story in a diary to a patient in the nursing home. The love story of Noah and Alley is emotional and filled with deep love and connections. With the twists and turns of life events, they became separated, but later, they rediscovered their passionate love as the elderly man Allie and the lady patient Noah. The film’s beautiful imagery is complemented by a touching musical score that heightens the emotional resonance of critical moments in the story. Through the stunning performances of the actors and heartwarming narrative style, ‘The Notebook’ remains one of the classic love stories in the romantic realm of movies. 

La La Land 

‘La la land’ is a medley of love, music and dance. This movie is the musical romantic tale of an aspiring actress and a struggling pianist and their journey toward their dreams. Damien Chazelle’s direction infuses life and imagination into the movie, creating a dreamlike setting that transports viewers into the magical realm of musical wonders. The film is not just a romantic narration; it exposes the deep feeling of staying true to oneself and explores the themes of ambitions. This film received six Academy Awards, including best director, best actor, cinematography, and music score. 

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