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Hero Motorsports and TVS Racing Emerged as Triumphant Forces at the Dakar 2024


When the word “rallying” echoes, the Dakar Rally takes center stage in our minds. This grueling and challenging odyssey spanning 8000km across the vast landscapes of Saudi Arabia came to a thrilling conclusion on January 19. This year’s Dakar Rally held special significance for India, as the tricolor flag proudly fluttered multiple times on the winner’s podium.

Embarking on a two-week-long adventure that kicked off at Alula in the heart of the Arabian Desert and traversed through the challenging terrains until Shubaytah, the rally finally wrapped up back in Yanbu. The race featured diverse categories such as Bikes, Cars, Trucks, and Quads, unfolding across 12 stages, each averaging about 600km. An official timekeeper diligently recorded the times for every participant, adding an extra layer of intensity to the competition.

In the Bike category, India was represented by two formidable teams: Hero Motorsports Team Rally and Sherco TVS Rally Factory. The Hero Motorsport Team Rally, with riders like Ross Branch, Joan Barreda Bort, Sebastian Buhler, and Joaquim Rodrigues, showcased stellar performances. Ross Branch, in particular, shone brightly, consistently securing top 10 positions in multiple stages and claiming the top spot on Rally stage 10. This stellar performance propelled Hero Motorsports to a commendable second place overall in the fiercely contested Bike category.

While Hero Motorsports carved its niche in Rally 1 Class, TVS Racing made waves in Rally 2 Class. Backed by TVS Racing, Harith Noah demonstrated unwavering consistency throughout the season. His triumph in stage 10 marked a historic moment for Indian motorsport, as he became the first Indian rider to clinch a stage in the Dakar Rally. Harith Noah then took charge in Rally 2 Class during stage 12, ultimately securing victory and etching his name as the first Indian to conquer Rally 2 Class. In the Bike category, he finished a commendable 11th overall.

As the dust settles on the Dakar 2024, Hero Motorsports and TVS Racing stand tall as flag bearers of Indian motorsport excellence, leaving enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the next thrilling chapter in the world of rallying.

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