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# 12 Street Performances and Festivals of Old Delhi (Old Delhi Series)


Old Delhi comes alive in a riot of colours, aromas and music during its many street festivals and performances. These celebrations reflect the area’s living culture and bring people together.

Chandni Chowk Bazaar

The bustling Chandni Chowk market explodes with extra verve during festivals. Do you know crowds swell, makeshift stalls mushroomed and performances pop up? 

You’ll be amazed that on Eid, the area gets decked up as people throng for mithai, clothes and streetside kebabs late into the night. 

Not only that but during Diwali and Dussehra, Ram Leela plays, puppet shows and magic shows enthral visitors on the streets. Celebratory spirit fills the air.

Red Fort Performances 

The lawns of Red Fort host vibrant cultural shows on Independence Day and Republic Day. Do you know the Prime Minister gives his iconic speech here?

You’ll be shocked at the elaborate dance and music tableaus performed by costumed artists to celebrate history and diversity.

Not only that but the fort is illuminated, and traditional instruments like nagada drums are played filling the night air. Don’t miss soaking in the festive patriotic fervor.

Phoolwalon ki Sair Festival

This unique festival held in autumn saw a floral pankha procession in honour of a Nizamuddin saint’s shrine.

Do you know florists and musicians lead a parade from the dargah to Mehrauli escorted by Delhi police? 

You’ll love the flower-decked elephant ornamented with embroidered palkis, chhatris and chandeliers. The flower bazaar at the endpoint comes alive too.

It reflects Delhi’s syncretic culture with both Hindu and Muslim communities participating.

Qutub Festival 

In November-December, the Qutub complex is the venue for performances ranging from Sufi music to classical dances.

Do you know artists and musicians who perform in the backdrop of the Qutub Minar? 

You’ll be charmed by the illuminated minaret and the magical setting as visitors soak in myriad cultural offerings for free.

The streets of Old Delhi burst with joy during festive times. Makeshift stalls, laughing crowds, twinkling lights and pumping music fill the air. Performances from storytellers, dancers, musicians and actors lend a magical carnival air. For a short time, all daily worries disappear in the frenzy of celebrations. 

Festivals in Old Delhi give everyone a chance to come together, setting aside differences. Through its public revelries, Old Delhi keeps age-old traditions relevant. The sights, smells and energy of these lively festivals truly capture the enduring spirit and cultural dynamism of the historic walled city.

Don’t miss Old Delhi’s vibrant festivals that give you delightful insights into its living heritage and dynamic culture.

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