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Haunting Places In India You Should Visit (If Only You’re Brave Enough!) 


India is also a home to mysticism where the tales of spirits and ghosts continue to scare the daylights out of people. From Bhangarh Fort to Dow Hill, the wind spreads eerie tales of spine-chilling experiences. If you’re someone looking for a ghostly adventure, here’s a list of spooky places to visit.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan 

This 16th century Fort is believed to be haunted by the curse of a tantrik who fell in love with an exceptionally beautiful princess but failed. Visitors are not allowed to visit the place after sunset. The place is said to be blanked with terrifying gloominess and hollowness. From strange noises to feeling like being watched, eerie tales are being shared by the locals. 

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad 

Ramoji Film City stands out for being the largest film studio in the world, but the place holds  a paranormally intriguing tale. According to some reports, this film city was built on a ground that was once a battlefield where soldiers died. Chandeliers falling from the ceiling, crew members feeling like someone’s pushing them when no one is around, food getting half eaten when kept for a long time are some of the paranormal incidents reported here.

Agrasen Ki Baoli, New Delhi 

Agrasen Ki Baoli, built in the 14th century, is a famous haunting destination for mystic enthusiasts. Baoli is a stepwell used by the people in mediaeval times to store water. This baoli is believed to hold a hypnotising power as it makes people feel like drowning. The last suicide attempt happened in 2007. The water level just being around 5 feet makes it hard to believe, but the place will definitely send shivers down your spine. 

Dow Hill, West Bengal

Dow Hill is popular for the tales of paranormal occurrences. Death Road, the road between Dow Hill road and the forest office is the most blood-curdling thing about Dow Hill. A headless spectre of a boy walking and vanishing into the darkness, the feeling of being watched and followed, red eyes shining in the pitch darkness, a woman spectre in grey being spotted amidst the mist are some of the tales revolving around this haunted place.

Eerie tales around famous haunting places are also claimed to be mere rumours though some locals deny this. Whether it’s a rumour or not, what matters the most is the spine-chilling aura.

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