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#3 Old Delhi’s Glorious Food Heritage (Old Delhi Series)


Old Delhi, the walled city of Delhi, is a treasure trove of enduring food traditions and iconic eateries in the 21st century that have been serving legacy Mughlai cuisine and street food recipes for generations. Cultural tourists exploring Old Delhi can discover the area’s rich history and culture through its glorious food heritage.

Iconic Eateries of Old Delhi

Kareem’s is one of the most iconic eateries located near the Jama Masjid, founded in 1913. It serves royal Mughlai dishes like nihari gosht, kebabs, and biryani. Karim’s has retained its recipe and flavors over the years to offer an authentic Mughlai experience. 

Another legendary eatery is the Old Famous Jalebi Wala, which started in 1884 inside Dariba Kalan Market. It serves the softest and juiciest jalebis in Old Delhi, perfect with rabdi. 

Ghantewala Halwai in Chandni Chowk market has been selling traditional Indian mithai since 1790. Their specialties include sohan halwa, gulab jamun, and ghevar.

Street Food of Old Delhi

Do you know Old Delhi is famous for its flavorful and aromatic street food? Chandni Chowk is dotted with iconic street food vendors and stalls.

Parathawali Gali is famous for layered flatbreads like aloo paratha and stuffed kulcha. Ashok Chaat Bhandar, near Chandni Chowk, is renowned for chaats like dahi bhalle papdi chaat and aloo tikki. Jalebi Wala Corner sells crispy hot jalebis dunked in sugar syrup.

You’ll find vendors selling kebabs, haleem, biryani, and nihari near the Jama Masjid on carts. Be sure to try the unique, paper-thin roomali roti. It is a must-try. From Jama Masjid Gate No. 3, try Shahi-Tukde, a sweet dessert made out of pure ghee and bread. Buy delicacies like sheermal and baked papay. 

Food Tours of Old Delhi

The best way to explore Old Delhi’s food heritage is by joining a food tour. Many operators, like Delhi Food Walks, Delicious Delhi Food Tours, and Old Delhi Food Tour, offer guided walking tours. The famous tour guides are Abbu Sufiyan (known as Purani Delhi wala) and Iqbal Ali (known as House of Dehalvi). 

An experienced guide takes you to hidden gems, explains the history and culinary secrets of dishes, and lets you taste a variety of iconic Old Delhi cuisine. You get insights into culture and food traditions. Food tours are ideal for families, solo travelers, and anyone new to Old Delhi.

Old Delhi’s glorious food heritage offers a delicious entry point to experience the area’s enduring culture and history. It’s iconic eateries and flavorful street food provide a window into tradition. So set out on a food tour or just follow your nose to discover Old Delhi’s rich culinary legacy.