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One Nation, One Student ID: A Digital Archive of Academic Records


APAAR, the Acronym for Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry, is a lifelong digital ID for students to track all educational achievements from pre-primary to higher education like Ph.D. APAAR is implemented as a part of the ‘One Nation, One Student ID’ program under National Education Policy 2020. 

One Student, One Nation ID is a revolutionary step towards digitally unifying and simplifying India’s educational ecosystem. As a part of this, admission to government and government-aided schools will be switched to online, simplifying the administrative process while reducing the hindrances. This program has proposed a deadline of 2026-27.

What is the Purpose of APAAR ID?

One of the main purposes of APAAR ID is to weed out fraudulent educational certificates. APAAR ID ensures authenticity and makes it easy for those who are seeking admissions in institutions to jobs in companies to track and access their academic journey and achievements. It aims to modernise and also to promote digital literacy. 

How Does APAAR Work?

APAAR ID is a 12-digit alphanumeric code to access Digilocker that records all their educational achievements including certificates of co-curricular achievements, degrees, and diplomas obtained from both formal and informal learning.

APAAR ID is linked to the ABC Account of students. ABC Bank, the Acronym for Academic Bank of Credits, is launched as a part of this program for the issuing of APAAR cards. The enrollment of APAAR is to be done by schools with the consent of parents. 

What are the Benefits of APAAR ID?

APAAR, which acts as an all-in-one digital archive of academic records of the students, simplifies the access to scholarships and other services. It opens a room for effortless transitions between institutions for students who transfer from one city to another as there’ll be no such requirements of long documents.  

How to Register for an APAAR ID?

Step 1 – Open the ABC Website 

Step 2 – Go to My Account and click the Student option 

Step 3 – Sign in and enter details from address to Aadhaar to create a Digilocker account 

Step 4 – Grant permission to share your Aadhaar details for KYC verification

Step 5 – Enter all your academic details 

Step 6 – Submit the form to get the APAAR ID generated 

Step 7 – Go to the dashboard in the ABC Website, click the option APAAR Card Download 

Step 8 – Click the download option when APAAR appears on the screen

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