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5 Vegan & Plant-Based Cooking Trends in 2024


There is hype in the market about vegan and plant-based food and beverages. And this modern genre has become a delectable space for nature-friendly culinarians. As veganism and plant-based food have traveled an exciting journey so far, 2024 is brimming with more contemporary features. A significant share of credit goes to the ever-evolving nature of these fields. Revolutionary trends and delish possibilities are emerging every now and then. So, buckle up, vegan and plant-based F&B enthusiasts, as we are set to indulge in the top 5 tips that will keep your taste buds on a spin!

1. Fermentation Fever

While uber-favorite kombucha has taken a back seat, kimchi, sauerkraut, and tempeh fermentation are at the forefront of a fermentation revolution in 2024. Using these techniques, whip up a probiotic powerhouse, nurturing gut health while enriching your food’s umami and depth of flavor. Keep those fermentation jars away for some other time. Try making tempeh scramble, zesty kimchi fried rice, and pancakes; the experimentation continues!

2. Fungi fiesta

As we enter 2024, mushrooms take on a much more significant role. The spotlight is now squarely on them as multi-talented superstars. Chefs are getting experimental and creative with meaty textures and earthy tastes, designing culinary delights such as lion’s mane pulled pork, oyster mushroom scallops, etc. Mushrooms are nutrient-dense, eco-friendly, and potentially therapeutic. Your taste buds and the environment will be grateful if you make room for mushrooms on your plate.

3. Jackfruit beats meat

Smoky pulled pork sandwiches to chicken nuggets now have a new ingredient replacing the meat element. It is this tropical fruit. , These are just a few examples of the many meat-like dishes that include jackfruit, thanks to this fruit’s neutral flavor and mimicking textures. Dieticians recommend it as a protein source for novice and experienced vegans. Embrace the jackfruit resurrection with all its infinite energy!

4. Nothing goes waste

Vegetables and fruit peels landing in the dust bins have been a significant concern. However, innovative approaches to reducing its impact in the kitchen will increase in 2024. This includes making colorful pesto out of vegetable leftovers or even vegan cheese from nut pulp. Find out how your veggies, fruits and nuts scraps may become tasty new dishes!

5. Ethical eating

Plant-based living goes beyond what’s on your plate, and the year 2024 will highlight more on ethical sourcing, sustainable packaging, and supporting local farmers. This means small yet significant shifts, such as preferring organic produce whenever possible or, engaging with brands or dining in restaurants committed to ethical practices.

Heeding these popular recommendations, you can improve your plant-based cooking skills and help create a better, more sustainable future. The world of plant-based edibles and potables has limitless potential; thus, be open to experimentation.