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Do’s and Don’ts every new Parent needs to know!


Having a baby can be the experience of a lifetime with the miracle of birth and the joy that comes with it. Although there are countless pre and post birth classes for both parents and the newborns, it is extremely crucial as a nee parent to keep a close watch on your little angel. These tips and tricks will help your descend into parenthood easier!

The insomnia cure

One of the very common complaints that new parents have is that their baby is not sleeping enough or not sleeping well. There can be more than one reason why your baby won’t sleep. One such reason is that the baby is craving for physical contact. Since the baby is used to the mother’s warmth and heartbeat, it is quite normal for them to crave for it outside the womb as well. Hold your baby in a comfortable position and place them on your chest while laying on your back. This gives them a sense of comfort and also adds to their tummy time.

Burp away

It can be quite hard to get your baby to burp. This simple hack will help your little one burp with ease in a matter of seconds! Pat the back of the baby’s back in an ascending motion, place the baby on their back and gently cycle their legs forward and push their legs towards their stomach and repeat. This is known to aid the baby to burp without any discomfort.

No water until the first 6 months

It is not recommended to feed the baby water until the baby turns at least 6 months of age, since all the nutrients and required energy are gained through the mother’s feed, water simply doesn’t constitute any necessity here. Also, doctors have mentioned that feeding water to infants can be fatal, so avoid feeding water.

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