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A Kernel of History: The Popcorn-Movie Relationship


Imagine you’re on a holiday and your bestie has also come out on a short vacation. Now, you have all the time in your hands to have a joyous time! What would you plan with your buddy? Going out for a movie together could most probably be one in your list, right? Yeah, that’s the significant place of movies in this pop culture. 

Popcorn and Movie together enrich the movie watching experience. One cannot go with another when the entertainment is bang on! So much so that we speak about them both, who could deny that Popcorn and movies put a big heartfelt smile on movie buffs’ faces? 

Alright, when did this traditional combo begin and what’s the story behind? Let’s dive into the history and tradition of the movie and popcorn combination.

It was 1929. The US was battling against The Great Depression. The country was slowly giving in to mass unemployment and deflation. Like every other industry, the entertainment industry was also dull. At that time, the Popcorn Idea emerged! The idea of selling the nice-smelling popcorn inside theaters. It happened as a revenue building strategy to the theater owners. Thus, the Popcorn entered theaters.

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