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“boAt: Riding the Waves of Music and Style in India”


What kind of person are you? Are you a lyric person who listens to the meaning of the song, or are you more of a music person who just vibes to the beats and melodies? Regardless of your preference, noise-canceling quality earphones are a must for enjoying your favorite songs, be it Airpods, airdopes, or any other brand. They have become an integral part of our lifestyle, and while technology is changing, the love for music remains constant.

Music – A Part of Our Culture!

Indian culture is deeply intertwined with people’s love for listening to music. This tradition of music appreciation extends from listening to cinema songs on FM radios to buying audio cassettes, CDs, and, in the modern age, high-quality earphones. This technological revolution has brought about significant changes in how we experience music.

The Launch of boAt!

As the utility of sound systems grew with the widespread use of smartphones, Indian companies like boAt identified the gap in providing value-oriented audio products for Indian youth and millennials. They capitalized on the mindset of these consumers who seek budget-friendly, durable wearables.

This market gap provided an opportunity for boAt, and its trendy and efficient products seamlessly entered the Indian market. Let’s explore how boAt products captured the interest of Indian youths.

Changing Mindset: “From Utility to Fashion” – boAt’s Successful Step!

Earphones, headphones, soundbars, and speakers are no longer merely utility products; they have become fashion trends that define the style of Indian youths. When traveling on public transport, you can spot a significant number of people using these products. This demonstrates how deeply they are integrated into the style and culture of millennials.

Staying Ahead of the Curve:

Today’s youngsters are more than just fashion enthusiasts; they also hold strong values. By aligning with these values, boAt has gained a competitive edge. How? boAt utilizes sustainable materials to manufacture its products and actively participates in eco-friendly initiatives, which fosters trust among their target customers.

Moreover, boAt’s market research is on point. In a market dominated by premium product makers like Bose, JBL, and Apple Airpods, boAt’s entry into the Indian market reached the non-premium middle-class youths who could afford budget-friendly product options. This strategy enabled boAt to generate 100 crore rupees in revenue within two years, as various reports suggest.

boAt Super Hero Collections – Striking the Right Chord!

Image Courtesy: boAt

The captivating boAt SuperHero collections feature beloved superhero designs that are a treat for young DC/Marvel fans. Batman, Superman, Hulk, and Black Panther are all available to enhance the excitement of these super-cool wearables.

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