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RmKV Silks presents yet another innovation in Handwoven Silk Sarees this festive season


27th September, 2023

RmKV, renowned for its groundbreaking innovations in handwoven Silk Sarees, has once again delved into time-honored traditions for this festive season.

This festive collection blossoms from the revival of the exquisite art of naturally dyeing sarees, drawing inspiration from a tapestry of folk arts and designs. Within this extraordinary collection, we have three categories, each weaving a unique narrative of a diverse cultural heritage and artistic brilliance.

Folk Art: 

In the “Folk Art” category, we pay homage to the rich tapestry of folk traditions. Each saree is a canvas painted with colors extracted from nature’s wonders, showcasing the beauty of indigenous dyeing techniques. These sarees are vibrant stories, reflections of the rituals and lifestyles of Asia’s diverse communities.

From the divine motifs of Mysore Krishna to showcasing the daily life of Minangkabau folk art woven into the saree, and the exotic elegance of Lai Thai decorative patterns to the intricate designs of Hasse Chithra where each piece tells its own unique story.

Rmkv Sliks

Indian Heritage: 

Our “Indian Heritage” collection is a journey into the timeless traditions and crafts. Here, we explore the exquisite artistry of various regions, from the intricate motifs of Banaras to the Bhujodi-inspired border motifs. Each saree in this category is a tribute to India’s unparalleled heritage, merging the past with the present in a harmonious blend of style and sophistication. 

Celebrating the regal elegance of Corner Mango, the sophistication embodied by Kodali Karuppur, the vibrant intensity of Bhujodi saree, the intricate patterns of multi-colored stripes, the cultural resonance found in Paithani, and the grandeur of the traditional Meena border in a rich mustard hue where each saree stands as a testament to India’s diverse and vibrant tapestry of art and culture. 

Lino Collection:

The “LINO Collection” represents a remarkable leap towards a sustainable future. Crafted from naturally dyed using the LINO patented technique, these sarees not only redefine elegance but also introduce the concept of a silk saree that breathes. With the LINO Collection, we are taking a significant stride towards sustainability and ethical fashion, where every weave and every shade epitomizes beauty with a conscience.

Highlighting the mesmerizing Viva Magenta Lino Saree, the artistic Taj Lino Varna, the intricate Lino Varna Butta Saree, the graceful Lino Floral Varna, and the classic Lino Varna, we proudly unveil the LINO Collection, a modern interpretation of tradition, capturing the essence of weightlessness.

About RmKV  

Established in 1924, RmKV Silks is celebrated for its handwoven Kanchipuram silk sarees, which have won several National Awards for craft and innovation.  

The RmKV Design Studio has created numerous unique silk sarees to date, the most notable being Theme sarees such as Hamsa Damayanti silk saree, Aishwarya Pookkal silk saree, ChinnanchiruKiliye silk saree, Durbar Krishna silk saree, and KuralOvium silk saree; the Grand Reversible silk saree, the 50000-Colour silk saree, the Varnajaalam silk saree collections, and the innovative Natural silk saree range and Lino light-silk saree collections. Today, you can custom-design your own saree in one of over 50,000 colours, to be handwoven by RmKV’s team of master weavers.  

RmKV also carries a wide range of fancy and embroidered sarees, salwar kameez, and a complete range of women’s, men’s and children’s products.

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