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Kid friendly one day trips in Bangalore that you NEED to check out

Kids-friendly one-day trips in Bangalore to check out! (Part 1)


Ever since the internet, it has been a hard deal to get kids out of their rooms and into the grounds to get some fresh air. Thanks to Corona, kids have been contained more than ever in the last 3 years. How to make sure that they learn how everything around them works and how the outdoors feel?

Here are some super cool, engaging and interactive locations to take your kids to get in touch with the outside world and nature. Interested in such contents? Follow for more!

Prani – The pet sanctuary: Located in the Somanahalli Village, near Kanakapura road of Bangalore, Prani is a petting zoo for rescued animals. A detailed 1.5 hr educational tour around the sanctuary, wherein you can pet and learn about the 700+ rescued animals across 40+ species in the sanctuary. Animals like Guinea pigs and Terrapins are up for free adoption, so if you’re looking to buy a rodent or a classy water reptile, check with Prani!

Every animal, bird and reptile in Prani has their own rescue story that makes you want to love and care for animals more. Ranging from our everyday roosters, hens, ducks, and goats till exotic species like pythons, Banded Archerfish of African mangroves, Albino Soft shell turtles and axolotls, Prani is packed with literal ponies to cater to your love for the wildlife.

This little initiative has brought together a group of animal-loving youngsters who care for the wildlife and teach you how to care for them as well. A beautiful way to teach your kids to respect and to treat the wildlife with love and care. Be sure to take your young ones to Prani for a one-of-a-kind experience of their lives!

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