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Sites and Apps for a scaled job search in India that every job seeker NEEDS to check out- Part 1

Sites and Apps for a scaled job search in India that every job seeker NEEDS to check out- Part 1


India is a country with almost 142 crores, and with a great population number like this, comes a great unemployment problem. The recession has taken an evident toll on the Indian job markets where the number of lay-offs and cut-offs are growing by the day. Nevertheless, companies, Indian and Foreign are recruiting and hiring people across and down the country, but the packages are seeming to be relatively lesser than what was pre-pandemic.

In this era of modern job search, it has become harder to even get the attention of the employer for a job. Here are some of the most efficient, and useful job portals, sites and apps that are sure to upscale your job search! If you’re an active job seeker or a student looking for Freelancing, Part timing or even an opening for a Full-time employment, keep track of Parts 2 & 3 for more such useful job portals, and follow for more!


Yes, the same old buddy, LinkedIn. Ever since its incorporation in 2002, and the digitalization of job search, LinkedIn has been growing exponentially in the job search market. But a common complaint about LinkedIn is that the competition for an opening is much larger than it used to be before.

If you’re someone who never gets a reply from the HR even after weeks of applying to a role, then follow the company on LinkedIn and connect with the regional HR who might be responsible for the recruitment process and drop in a message to them with a brief self introduction and your resume/CV for their reference.

Forget your Instagram and twitter, and invest more time on LinkedIn. Post something relevant to your domain or field everyday, comment and repost something from your dream company’s LinkedIn, and make sure to post a brief introduction about yourself and how you’re actively looking for a role in your relevant domain. Use some of the most used and trending hashtags on your profile and your post to gather more attention from any potential employer looking for candidates.

Naukri is one of the classic market giants when it comes to job search in India, and has been in the markets since 1999. Similar to LinkedIn, keep posting and uploading your latest resume, certifications and achievements on Naukri and make sure that you grab more attention on the platform so as to make the recruitment process easier, and to make yourself more seen.


One of the prominently uprising job search platforms of the 21st Century is Glassdoor. Typically used for reviewing and writing feedback about companies, it is not much known to the students and job seekers that Glassdoor is also a job portal, particularly famous for internships, intern-to-hire offers and remote based freelance works. Install the app and get started on your job search today!

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