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How to look effortlessly good this Summer


Almost 4 months have gone by since the new year, and you’re still hung upon the 2022 looks? Here are some crazy cool ways you can style yourself and groove in and swag around this summer!

The Shorts solution

May it be a casual get together, or a pool party, this styling hack is sure to get your swag on. Match your regular booty shorts with a tucked-in white tank top and an oversized, contrast shirt. Pair it up with sneakers of choice and throw in a top hat and some nice shades if you’re feeling classy!

The Beachy vibe

You can never go wrong with a nice Hawaiian shirt, which goes amazingly well with shorts AND trousers if you’re feeling a little sophisticated. Finish your look with sneakers or loafers and a hat and sunglasses!

All about Overalls

Pair up an oversized t-shirt or a casual tank top with an overall, and complete your look with a pair of white sneakers. When it comes to overalls, Denim is not the only option available on the market, as startups with various material options have launched in the markets!

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