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Hacks that might just save your life one day


These simple, yet effective life hacks can make your day, and even save it.

The Anti-fog Cream

Did you know that this daily household cream can actually save your life on a rainy day? Applying a coat of your regular shaving cream on your mirrors and visors, drying it out and washing it off creates an anti-fog layer that keeps away any mist or steam that could hinder your vision on a rainy day.

The Heimlich Manoeuvre

For all the readers who don’t know what a Heimlich manoeuvre is, it’s a technique to unblock your air tracks when something gets stuck down your windpipe. This usually requires a second person to conduct it on the patient, but is quite possible for the patient to do it on themselves! Press a chair against your chest, right below your rib cage and press down hard and keep doing it until your windpipe unclogs.

The Freezer Solution

Anyone who cooks, no matter how well versed or how amateur, HATES cutting onions. Use this hack to never cry while cutting an onion again! Simply freezing the onion for a few minutes before cutting freezes the substance that causes your eyes to burn.

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