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3 BEST summer getaways in India for friend groups


Summer spewing heat, jobs and routines crushing you way too much? Well, this call in for a weekend getaway and cool things off mentally and physically. These 3 South Indian wonders are just the perfect options if you’re looking for a fun-filled and chilled out getaway!

Krusadai Island, Tamil Nadu

Located in the West of Pamban, this hidden island is a true gem of the country. Perfect for a group of friends and couples, Krusadai island holds home to India’s Marine research centre, and has an exhibit of numerous sea mammals and creatures’ preserved specimens. Do check out this nature’s magnificent work of art and spice up your Instagram today!

Athirapally Falls, Kerala

Break off the summer’s heat in the largest and tallest waterfalls of Kerala with your friends this summer, here at Athirapally Falls, in the perfection of God himself! Originating from the Upper Western Ghats, the Athirapally Falls stands over 80 feet tall with not one, but four falls. Check out this wonder in God’s own country this summer with your loved ones!

Kudremukh Mountain range, Karnataka

In the Karnataka district of Chikmagalur, Kudremukh is well-known for its biodiversity and mineral wealth. The name Kudremukh, which translates to “horse’s face” in Kannada, comes from a peak that resembles a horse’s face. Kurdremukh’s picturesque vistas are a major draw for tourists. Best visited between February and June, Kudremukh serves as a lovely, lush-filled tourist location in the Summers