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How to make your wedding look as dreamy as Kiara Advani’s


The minute we saw the beautiful bride of Sidharth Malhotra, we all instantly fell in love with how pretty and elegant she looked. But wait, how do I make my wedding just as dreamy as theirs, you ask? Keep reading to find out!

Sabyasachi to Sarojini Nagar


Purchasing an extremely expensive set of Lehengas for your big day is every girl’s dream. Instead, try shopping, if possible, stitching one for your customization. This will not only save you tons of money, but also give you room to customise it to match your favourite celebrity wedding!

Click, Click, Clickkk!

When it comes to capturing your big day, do not be stingy. Hire 1 Videographer and 2 Photographers, 1 to capture the ceremony and 1 to get your perfect paparazzi shots. This takes the extra burden on the photographer to simultaneously capture your ceremony AND somehow manage to get THE best shots of the wedding couple and get some REALLY cool and aesthetic pictures!

Venue and Lighting

While choosing the venue, keep an eye out and make sure that the venue compliments your wedding theme, the colour palette, and most importantly, your clothes. Having a perfectly balanced lighting, venue and decorations does half the work in making your dreamy day’s pictures a little extra filmy!

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