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Incredible India – Unknown places in India


Khajjiar- The Mini Switzerland of India

Explore the snow-capped mountains and grass covered lands of the Himachal Pradesh in Khajjiar, famously known as the Mini Switzerland of India this year with your loved one.

Go Scuba Diving in Goa!

Swim among the treasures of the Nature’s underbelly in the Grand Island of Goa with its world class Scuba Diving instructors and gears and get awe-struck.

Experience bliss and spirituality in the Ashram of Auroville

Looking for a perfect place to detox your body, mind and soul? The Auroville Ashram in Pondicherry is the place for you! Immerse yourself in a total state of peace, calm and cleanse in this architectural and spiritual wonder.

Get absorbed in the Blue-ness of Jodhpur!

Visit the Blue City of India – Jodhpur and experience the rawness of culture and aesthetic appeal with their Overlander Safaris, and get immersed in the wilderness of the deserts of India. How can one forget the regal Mehrangarh Fort while visiting Jodhpur! The Mehrangarh Fort stands tall and brisk with a 1,200 acres landscape since the 17th Century, astounding her visitors with her beauty and fortitude.

Camp amidst the Orchards of Kodaikanal

Get drenched in the lushness of the sweet sister of the Queen of Hills- Kodaikanal. Book a camping trip in Kodai and experience the art of co-living with the Nature. Tent out in the middle of Orchards and plantations and feel the awe-factor of the hills, wilderness and beyond!

Touch the Sky in Mumbai!

Ever wondered how it feels to be a bird in the free sky? Wanna have a filmy weekend? Or have your dream proposal in the middle of the wide, vast sky, looking down at the aerial view in Mumbai with their breath-taking Helicopter rides!

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