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15 must-try foods in Hyderabad


Hyderabadi cuisine combines elements from South Asian, Mughal, Turkic, and Arabic cuisines with Telangana and Marathwada regional flavors. Hyderabadi cuisine has a wide variety of rice, wheat, and meat dishes as well as the deft use of several spices, herbs, and organic foods.

It consists of more than just heart-warming haleem and biryanis, however one can’t blame people for their obsession with these. The numerous varieties of kachchi and pakki kinds, as well as vegetarian variations prepared with white channa or kairi, are well spiced with a combination of masalas and local spices. Hyderabadi cuisine is a constant cause for celebration, so there is no excuse not to get in and enjoy some delicious food.

  1. Hyderabadi Biryani
  2. Osmania biscuits at Subhan
  3. Ghee Idli at Poorna’s
  4. Bun Maska with Chai at Niloufer
  5. Dosas at Govinda’s h
  6. Samosas at Lamakan
  7. Haleem at Shah Ghouse
  8. South Indian at Chutneys
  9. Apricort delights at Spicy Avenue
  10. Jauzi Halwai at Hameedi
  11. Mango Malai at Nice Juice centre
  12. Saffron tea at Pista House
  13. High tea at Falaknuma
  14. Healthy eats at Fitmeal_india
  15. Munshi Naan with malai Paya from street vendors