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Best places for photoshoots in Chennai


Locations that cost you, but are totally worth the experience and outcome. The below-listed places are in and around Chennai and are ideal for pre/post-wedding photoshoots and maternity photoshoots. Kindly check the availability of the places as you need to book them in weeks prior to book your slot. The below are the

Secret Garden


With beautiful backdrops set up and indoor places to shoot, Secret Garden is the ideal spot within the city limits. It is a beach house near Thiruvanmiyur that can be rented for 3 to 5 hours for photoshoots.

Land of wanders


The world of fantasy shooting spot in the heart Of Mahabalipuram, Chennai. It is a beautiful place to capture the most special phase of your life like pre-wedding, post-wedding, or maternity shoots. It is an ideal spot to

Dakshina Chitra Museum


Located 25 kilometers away from Chennai, Dakshina Chitra is a cross-cultural museum of art, crafts, lifestyle, architecture and performing arts of South India. The agenda is to preserve and promote the culture of the South Indian States. It has a collection of 18 authentic historical houses and is the best place to click pictures with a complete feel of your roots if you are South Indian.

Chokhi Dhani


A place to experience ethnic north Indian art and culture, rides and culinary. You get to taste the Rajasthani cuisine and also experience animal rides – camel, horse and bullock cart rides with the entry ticket. You get to click pictures in the beautiful mud houses and incorporate cultural activities in your shoot.

Studio 24


This beautiful location is one of the great spots for romantic couples’ photoshoots with more than 50 backdrops, and professionally painted photography backdrops with all modern equipment and amenities. This venue with the best of art and architecture provides a beautiful ethnic theme to your shoot, The perfect light of the “Golden hour” Whether day or night”.

Elements on ECR


Elements on East Coast, Chennai features spectacular lights and more than 50 backdrop settings for the shoot. To link all of the backgrounds and their lighting, the garden has been incorporated. The beach is within a short distance from the property.