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Which is the cleanest village in India?


Mawlynnong is one of the cleanest villages in Asia and is mainly inhabited by the Khasi tribe. This beautiful little village in Meghalaya’s East Khasi Hill district won the title of “Asia’s Cleanest Village” in 2003. But what’s great is that it has maintained this reputation to this day.

Located about 90 kilometres from Shillong, this small village is ahead of its time in terms of environmental awareness, adopting a green and community-based approach. Of the 95 households in Mawlynnong, each has a bamboo bin that is used to collect garbage. It is then dumped into septic tanks and used as fertiliser for crops. This charming little village boasts a 100% literacy rate, and most locals speak English without difficulty.

India’s cleanest village, Maurinong Village, is also known as God’s Garden for a reason. In 2003, Mawlynnong was awarded the title of “Cleanest Village in Asia” by Discover India. Besides cleanliness, this village has achieved a lot. Whether it’s 100% literacy or women’s empowerment scenarios, the rest of the world can only dream.

Mawlynnong has a pleasant climate all year round. Monsoons are the best time of the year to visit the place. During the rainy season, the village and its surroundings become lush and picturesque. Behudiengklam in July, Wangala from September to December, and the Nongklem Dance Festival in October or November are some of the major festivals celebrated in and around Mawlynon village.

Mawlynnong’s Living Root Bridge has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bridges over rivers are made by connecting the aerial roots of one solid rubber tree to another.

Sky View is a viewpoint and popular attraction at Mawlynnong Village. This observatory is 85 feet tall and made of bamboo. Once you reach the top, you will be overwhelmed by the breathtaking scenery. The village is also on the border of India and Bangladesh, so you can also see the countryside of Bangladesh. The entrance fee is about INR 10 per person.

The roar of Mawlynon Falls breaks the silence of the jungle. This is the perfect place to relax and have a nice picnic with your loved ones. The Epiphany Church, a major landmark in Mawlynon Village, is a 100-year-old structure that still retains its old-world charm. The grounds feature patches of greenery and red and orange flowers blooming around them, which have a calming effect. When it comes to food, the best thing about eating at Mawlynnong is that everything is made with organic vegetables. Even meat comes from the birds and animals they breed.

Talking about their cuisine, Mawlynon offers a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Choose from pork cooked with peppers and vegetables, freshly cut smoked banana blossom, jado (a meat and rice-based dish), and thang ling bai (a rich blend of fermented soybeans, bamboo leaves, and local spices).

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