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Most unique temples in ECR, Chennai


Matsya Narayana Temple/ Chinmaya Tarangini – Twelve-foot Matsya Narayana in the Ocean’s



Tucked away on East Coast Road in Uthandi, this Chinmaya Mission-built Vishnu Temple is a place for meditation, group chanting, and relaxing weekend worship. is offered to The rhythm of the ocean waves harmonizes with the serene surroundings of Chinmaya Tarangini in front of his ECR in Uthandi. But this “temple” to Matsya Narayana is not a temple. There are gravel paths that offer acupressure if you walk barefoot.

There is enough greenery and space to sit quietly and meditate. The main idol is Lord Vishnu in Matsya (fish) avatar represented in granite 12 feet high surrounded by 108 granite pillars. Each nine-foot pillar has an inscription of Vishnu Sahasranamam by Swami His Chinmayananda and Ashtotrashata His Namavali, with Tamil and Sanskrit inscriptions and translations into English. The meditation park also has idols of Ganesha, Shiva, and Hanuman.

Jagannath Shrine


Jagannath Puri Temple in Chennai is a Hindu temple dedicated to the trinity of Jagannath, Varadeva, and Subhadra in Chennai, India. The Temple on the East Coast Road by the sea is built in Kalinga architecture and is reminiscent of the Jagannath Temple in Puri. Exquisite beautiful and an amazing architectural replica of the Puri Temple. It is a wonderful place that touches your heart as soon as you step in.



The ISKCON Chennai Temple is located in ECR on the outskirts of the city. Although the temple is located far from the city, it attracts people’s attention. It is considered not only a spiritual place but also a place to admire interiors and gods. There is no denying that the beautiful idols of gods and goddesses never stop us from admiring them. Like other ISKCON temples, this Chennai ISKCON temple is architecturally stunning and well-maintained.

The sculptures are very well done and the whole place is lit up at night giving another dimension to the temple. The temple is also quite large with plenty of parking on-site and a separate vegetarian restaurant. ISKCON Temple is a magnificent monument not only for its intricate carvings but also for its sacred atmosphere. You can go in and feel your inner calm. A perfect place to meditate, relax and forget all your worries.

Shri Munisuvratswami Jain Navgraha Temple, ECR


Amazing architecture, in this modern age our traditional sculptors are a blessing to the next generation and the temple heralds the enlightenment of Bhagwan Mahavir. A very good place for mediation. A beautiful, airy and serene Jain temple in ECR. The carvings are beautiful and the craftsmanship is worth seeing. Take a pit stop and relax at this super breezy place.

A temple made entirely of marble. The entrance structure looks like the Royal Beautiful Large Durbar. Looking at the Shikar Temple from the back side of the temple, it feels like the Shikar is touching the sky. Huge space, good atmosphere, beautiful scenery, many other places nearby, the temple is built with amazing works of art.

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