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How to lose extreme weight fast?


There are a few things you need to work on, apart from your diet and eating habits. Diet plays a role in weight loss, but there are other aspects to look into and change to help in the long run. Not just the diet, it is your lifestyle that helps you lose weight and hit your target. Your daily routine is the major deciding factor in the output of your efforts. Focusing on these small things will help you in your weight loss journey.


Portion control

Use a smaller plate and fill at least half your plate with veggies and improve protein and fibre intake. Eating slowly helps you chew your food, helps in digestion, and makes you feel fuller. Avoid eating processed food and eat home-cooked food in the right proportion with balanced carbohydrates, protein, fibre and fats.

Exercise daily

Practising yoga at least 5-6 days a week will help you in fastening the process. Or you can start off with a 20 mins walk and eventually increase the duration and speed of your walk. Eventually, practice Yoga or Zumba, or anything other physical activity of your choice.

Drink water

Water is the key to weight loss. Drink sufficient water in regular intervals to stay hydrated. Ensure you drink 3-4 litter water according to your weight. Do not miss out on this, as drinking enough water makes you not crave anything or feel hungry. Most of the time when you feel thirsty you end up eating something.

Good sound Sleep

Here comes the toughest part, avoid gadgets at night before your bedtime and sleep for 7-8 hours. Sleeping at the same time regularly helps your body rest and repair. Your body parts tend to process and function efficiently in all possible ways.

Stay away from stress

Manage your stress, and try to avoid things that stress you. Keep yourself away from stress will help you stay more positive and achieve your goal faster.

Consciously look into these things and make these small efforts in your daily routine to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle.

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