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Best Things to do in India




In winter, northern states like Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Himachal lie under a thick blanket of snow, creating the perfect climate for winter adventure sports like skiing. Ideal for beginners and experienced skiers alike, Auli offers exciting skiing opportunities. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, skiing in Himachal Pradesh is sure to get you down.

Located at an altitude of 9000ft above sea level, Kufri is one of the best hill stations for adventure sports in India. Of all ski resorts, Mahasu and Narkanda are the two most popular ski resorts in the state. The best time to experience the thrill of skiing is when snow falls between December and February. There are two popular slopes for skiing in Kufri. One slope is 350 m long for beginners and another 800 m long for professionals.

Dune bashing


Dune bashing is among the most known adventure activities in Rajasthan. One of the prominent locations for dune-bashing activities to visitors in the charming city is Jaisalmer. In India, Best Sand Dune is discovered in Jaisalmer town of Rajasthan State. Desert Safari, is also called Dune Bashing. In India, best sand dune is found in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

There is the famous manner of desert safari- Indian style (on the camel) & Dubai style (In SUV cars). In Indian Style safari, humans discover the desert (sand dunes) by camel with a professional guide and in Dubai Style, humans the usage of an off-road car (VVV).

When a four via way of means of four cars begin bashing sand dunes it experiences like we do rafting on the sand and whilst this car cross downwards, this enjoy is 10 instances extra adventures than a large Roller coaster. Enjoy a spell of dune bashing in Sam sand dunes, forty-four km from Jaisalmer withinside the midst of the Thar Desert.



Over the last several years, caving has developed into a unique pastime for individuals who like exploring the hidden passageways of caverns. Even now, there are still a lot of unexplored caverns in India. Caving serves as the ideal means of exploring this large terrain since there are so many sites to uncover. Some of the deepest and longest caves in India are said to be found in the northeastern state of Meghalaya, with the longest caverns measuring around 21 kilometres.

Camping in Thar desert


Imagine resting for a night in the desert beneath the stars after a hard exercise by camping there! Allow the neighbouring river to take all of your fatigue away with its rushing sound. Hear the peace that pervades the surroundings. While Glamping is the newest fad in luxury, camping is a popular adventure sport in India.

Numerous travellers are drawn to unique camping experiences like those found on islands, in the desert, beside rivers, etc. When you can be near to nature in a magnificent way, why restrict yourself to four walls?

Trekking in Ladakh


Those who like trekking will undoubtedly find great joy in their plans to travel in India. The nation is renowned for its peaceful hills in the south and its snow-capped summits in the north. As an extra bonus, there are lovely hummocks in the East and misty hill stations in the West.

There are many turns and surprises on the 2000–20.000-foot trekking paths. Amazing daring moments are bestowed to every intrepid hiker. Why not go on an amazing journey by hiking along a frozen river?

Cycling in Munnar


Munnar is a wonderful cycling destination because of its enchanting beauty and meandering roads. This region in God’s Own Country offers unique riding excitement, thrills, and delights with more than 17 hairpin curves. Travel through the verdant green Madupatty is a tea farm; visit the lovely Anamudi Chola, a hillside next to the Anamudi National Park; and marvel at the spectacular Kundala Dam.

Beat the wind when cycling to get both fitness and an adrenaline thrill. Cycling demands strength and physical fitness, so start a healthy routine before your trip. For a memorable trip, keep your maps close at hand and follow the timetable.