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how to raise happy child

Ways to raise happier kids


Happy kids lead a successful life

Raising happy kids isn’t easy, as it need your attention, presence, energy and time through their childhood. It is not about immediate gratification or momentary pleasure that makes them happy for a while. Happy kids are more likely to be more successful and consistent.

Your mood affects your child mood. It influences their state of mind and wellbeing. Happy parents are more likely to have happy children, it is because of the behavioural component and it had no influence of the genetic component.

This makes it evident that being happy and engaging with kids makes a positive impact. Being pessimistic leaves a negative impact in your children’s childhood.

how to raise happy child

As a result of lifestyle change, it easy for kids to play around as it is you to be before. But it is important for parents to consciously engage children in physical activity. Taking them to the nearby park periodically, enrol for activities such as swimming, tennis, cricket or any other sport as per preference of the child. This keeps them physically moving and also gives them a change to socially interact with kids of their age and attitude.

Self-control is a key to self-discipline. Being disciplined helps the kids get into trouble lesser. Self-discipled children subsist

Certain practises that can keep your child and family happier

  •  Stay happy
  •  More playtime, less screen time
  •  Practice discipline younger
  •  Build healthy relationship
  •  Being more optimistic together
  •  Expect genuine efforts, don’t demand
  •  Teach emotional intelligence
  •  Gratitude
  •  Enjoy meals together

It is important for kids to undergo all emotions, it is not a must that they should be happy all the time. Experiencing sadness, disappointment, anger, fear, rejection or any discomfort at the early ages gives them the courage to overcome it. Being exposed to such feelings makes them stronger.

It gives them the determination to master their goals despite all hurdles. A kid who has never faced any hard feelings and raised with uncurbed pampering, might find it tough to get along with others eventually. It is important for kids to be exposed to all situations so helps them to prepared for the outside world.

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