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#18 Mysteries of Old Delhi (Old Delhi Series)

0 Old Delhi, often referred to as Shahjahanabad in honor of the formidable Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, who founded this enclosed city in the 17th century, extends far beyond its majestic landmarks and lively markets. Concealed within its narrow alleys are untold tales and enigmatic secrets that unveil the shadowy past of this historic metropolis.  For the inquisitive traveler and culture enthusiast, delving into the lesser-known intricacies of Old Delhi can offer a more exhilarating experience than simply checking off landmarks from a guidebook.  Delhi’s Sinister Gate Near Lal Qila Metro Station stands the ominous Khooni Darwaza or Bloody Gate. Do you know it got this dreadful name after a dark chapter in Mughal history? In 1658, Mughal Prince Aurangzeb executed his brother Dara Shikoh and his son Sipihr Shikoh. Legend says the gate turned blood-red from the murders.  You will be shocked to know that the notorious gate is linked to paranormal activities. Some claim to have seen ghostly figures near the entrance on full moon nights. Definitely not for the faint-hearted. Graves of the Martyred Behind Delhi Gate near Kashmiri Gate is Khuni Imam Zamin, literally meaning ‘bloody ground of the priest.’  Do you know why this obscure graveyard has such a gory name? In 1803, hundreds were killed here in clashes between the army of Sikhs and Mughals. These martyrs were buried in a mass grave on this site.  You will find no markers here except a board stating ‘graves of martyrs.’ Yet Khuni Imam Zamin remains a mysterious remnant of Delhi’s history. Raj Ruins  Near Kashmere Gate is the forgotten Lothian Cemetery, the resting place of British Raj soldiers and their families.  Do you know it is said to be haunted? There have been spooky encounters like unexplained sounds and spectral figures spotted here! Locals avoid this eerie cemetery at night. Not only that, take a stroll here to admire the Victorian Gothic graves and mausoleums lying in picturesque ruin amidst wild foliage. A haunting yet visually stunning relic of the British Raj. Creepy Cemetery Located near Kashmiri Gate, Nicholsan Cemetery, dating back to the British Raj era, has an eerie, haunted reputation. Named after Brigadier General John Nicholson, this forgotten graveyard houses elaborate tombs of British officers and their families. Locals believe it to be haunted by the ghosts of deceased British soldiers.  The cemetery’s location is next to Kashmiri Gate, the site of the 1857 mutiny, which adds to its sinister history. Definitely not for the faint-hearted. Nonchalant Mosque Hidden in the labyrinth of lanes between Jama Masjid and Red Fort lies Khair-ul-Manzil mosque, an architectural gem lost in time. Built-in 1561 by Maham Anga, Emperor Akbar’s wet nurse, the mosque has an intriguing fusion design of Rajput and Persian styles.  Discover these spine-chilling secrets of Old Delhi for an intriguing exploration of the unknown side of the city’s history

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