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Salher Fort to Vijaydurg Fort: 12 Maratha Forts Nominated For UNESCO Tag

0 Maratha Military Landscapes, the exemplary records of military prowess of the Maratha period, have been nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage List (2024-25). These landscapes consist of 12 marvellous Maratha Forts dating back to the 17th century, which were prominent during the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji, the Maratha King. Here’s the list of forts nominated:  Salher Fort is the highest fort nestled in the Baglan region of Maharashtra. The Fort was historically known for the battle of Salher where Maratha troops won in the battle against Mughal. Lohgad Fort is also known as Lonavala Iron Fort for its magnificently strong iron gates. The Fort was used to keep the loot of Surat. Raigad Fort, situated in Raigad District of Maharashtra, was historically prominent for being the capital of Shivaji Maharaj’s Kingdom The mountain fort nestled in the Satara district of Maharashtra,  is known for the battle of Pratapgad, where Marathas rose victorious against Bijapur troops of General Afzal Khan  Panhala, the monument of Maratha, is a picturesque place for history enthusiasts. The Fort is also known as “Fort of Snakes”.  Sindhudurg Fort located in the Kurte island was engraved in history as the Naval Headquarter of the Marathas. The statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji and art gallery showcasing his life are the main attractions. This 17th century military Fort was the birthplace of Maratha King, Chhatrapadi Shivaji Maharaj. There’s a two storey structure with the cradle of Shivaji. Khanderi Fort is another prominent island fort. The two main attractions of this Fort are the tomb of Daud Pir and the temple of Lord Vitthal.  Rajgad, one of the huge Indian forts, was historically significant for being the capital of the Maratha empire for two years.  Suvarnadurg was the birthplace of Kanhoji Angre, one of the brave military leaders of Marathas. He earned the title of Sarkhael, by serving as the head of Maratha Naval Force. The Fort located in the Villupuram district of TamilNadu, is a mixture of Dravidian and Maratha architecture. The Fort is breathtaking with nature’s beauty and magnificent ancient ruins. Vijaydurg or Eastern Gibraltar, was also known as the Fort of victory. Shivaji conquered the Fort from Adil Shah. Rameshwar temple inside the Fort is one of the main attractions.

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