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Reverse Walking: The Latest Fitness Fad to Get Fit Faster

0 Walking, the most accessible form of exercise, is long recommended by experts to stay healthy. From reducing the risk of having chronic disease to increasing longevity, walking has successfully proved to be highly effective. Any way of walking, whether it be brisk walking or reverse walking, comes with a boxful of benefits. So here’s all you need to know about “reverse walking” , the not-so-new yet latest fad storming in social platforms. Reverse Walking  Reverse walking or Retro-walking propelled by fitness buffs is hitting the Internet by garnering millions of views. The era of silent walking and rucking has gone with the rise of this captivatingly unconventional exercise. Reverse walking is simply about walking backward, but ensures getting fit faster than traditional walking. This bizarre trend is not actually new; it has been practised by the Chinese for centuries.  Just like the old Chinese saying, “a hundred steps backwards are worth a thousand steps forwards”, reverse walking is fantastically beneficial according to experts.  Difference Between Walking Forward and Backward Walking backward is different from forward walking for the benefits they uniquely flourish in one’s physical and mental health.  It improves the strength of quadriceps way better than forward walking. According to studies, retro-walking has miraculously enhanced muscle strength. If you’re someone who’s desperately looking for a way to burn calories, flip on reverse walking to get your calories burn faster.  From Boosting flexibility to challenging brain to put more attention on what you’re doing, this trend unwraps more health benefits  Benefits of Reverse Walking On Starting Reverse Walking As reverse walking requires one to be more careful, experts suggest empty and open space to avoid getting bumped or hit.  Secondly, it would be hilariously attractive for the passers-by especially if they’re not aware of this trend. If you’re preferring a treadmill as shown in Tiktok, control the speed to ensure safety. It’s also important to keep a good posture while walking backward, like keeping your back straight and lifting your chin up. 

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