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Is AI Suitable For Self-Driven Cars? What if both self-driven cars and AI meet?


Self-driven cars are one of the most fascinating automotive advancements that today’s generation is excited to see and experience. Soon, these autonomous vehicles are going to impact the way you travel and your entire life. 

Another great technological invention of today’s times is artificial intelligence. AI has taken a toll on the entire world and is expected to come up with more advancements and innovations. 

What if both self-driven cars and AI meet? 

With the extensive worldwide usage of artificial intelligence in every sector, you can expect self-driven cars to be integrated with AI soon. What’ll happen if these two magnificent developments merge? Let’s explore. 

What are self-driven cars? 

Self-driven cars or autonomous vehicles are devoid of the intervention of a human driver. It moves singularly on its own. Sounds scary, right? 

Well, the combination of advanced technology and automotive mechanisms allows these cars to navigate, interact, and make decisions autonomously. 

The purpose of having self-driven cars is: 

  • To reduce traffic 
  • To promote an environment of safe traveling
  • To enhance efficiency in transportation 

The researchers and engineers are constantly striving to overcome all challenges and launch self-driven cars. 

Pros of using AI in self-driven cars 

Considering the rapid growth and advancement of AI in today’s technology, these are the potential benefits AI can offer to bring a revolution in the automobile industry: 

  1. Since humans drive cars these days, it is more prone to accidents. However, AI-powered autonomous cars will have sensors and algorithms to prevent accidents. 
  2. A great feature that you may expect to see in AI-powered self-driven cars is platooning. Here, all are cars made to move at a consistent speed. This makes the car more functional in traffic. 
  3. AI-powered self-driven cars will be a boon to the disabled people and the elderly. The car will reach the respective person on its own and help him reach a certain destination at the right time. 
  4. AI-powered self-driven cars use less fuel and operate more efficiently. This promotes an eco-friendly culture, leading to saving more energy and less emission of greenhouse gases. 
  5. While traveling in AI-powered self-driven cars, you get more freedom and time to enjoy your leisure and relax. 

Challenges of AI in self-driven vehicles 

Integrating AI into self-driven autonomous cars also comes up with these challenges on which researchers and engineers still need to focus. 

  1. The reliability and safety of AI-powered self-driven cars are still under scrutiny. To avoid accidents, AI algorithms need to function without any error. 
  2. Setting up legal compliances and regulations for AI-powered self-driven cars is a complicated process. The regulatory bodies and government should establish policies for insurance, safety, data privacy, and liability. 
  3. People are still skeptical of AI. So, launching AI-powered self-driven cars will require a considerable amount of time for people to accept it and gain trust. 
  4. With AI comes a threat to cyberattacks. To make people rely on AI-powered self-driven cars, it is mandatory to develop the necessary cybersecurity measures for better protection and safety. 
  5. AI-powered self-driven cars may face untoward situations that question their morals and ethics. Here, setting up ethical guidelines that are accepted universally is a challenging phenomenon. 

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